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This message is to convey our company's policy in dealing with many boiler business people of the world and to seek for business opportunity.


Kazuhiro Hamada
Chairman of
Hamada Boiler Group


We are  presently in contact  with  many  companies worldwide  who  are  engaged in Boiler business and alike.    We seek for  associates  with  many   countries to  exchange  ideas  and technology in this field. As we stated in this web-site, we moved our  original Boiler Factory in Tokyo to Shanghai, China way back to 1980  when China was  still  having a closed door policy to foreign businessman like us.  It was to our  surprise that Chinese standard in heavy  industry  specially  in the  field of boilers   and power  generation was  amazingly  high level in early days,   and we  were lucky enough  to  have  been  able to associate  with  many professional   people  in   China    to  develop   technology   in  the    field  of   Fluidized  Bed Combustion, Heat Pipe Technology and many other areas.

Our capability is in the following areas.  If you find any interested item(s) in a form of products or services from the list below, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.  We will be so glad to have business with you.

We can accept orders to manufacture any types of boiler pressure vessel according to your design and code requirement. Price can be negotiated case to case, but we usually quote price in US Dollar per weight/ton and FOB Shanghai, China port basis. If you provide us your rough design, we will submit our preliminary quotation per ton of steel basis. We have done this practice to many boiler companies in Asian territory for the past 10 years. If you are interested in our existing model and would like to place your "Brand Name", we can make such arrangement provided there is no business conflict in your area.  back

We also accept orders to supply steam drum or dish end only according to your design and specification. You may designate any available inspection agency to conduct inspection during manufacturing and before shipment as required.  back

We have existing design of small/medium size ( from 1 ton/h to 40 ton/h evaporation) Fluidized Bed Combustor, which can fit to many types of boiler body.  If you want your boiler to be combined with the Fluidized Bed Combustor, we are willing to work out with you.  Fluidized Bed Technology has been developed in China in many provinces mainly for the purpose of designing Boilers cable of burning very low grade lignite coal which contains high water and ash with low calorific value as low as 2,000 Kcal/Kg. 

We have wide access to many factories specialized in "Grating System".  We believe our price must be very competitive in the world market.  For the past century until this moment, whole China has been making use of "coal" as its main energy source.  From this fact, we can come to a conclusion that China's technology in handling solid fuel has reached a high level. 

Hamada Boiler has been using China made fans, motors, watersoftners, superheater, economizer, air-preheater, accumulator, dearator, steam driven pump and many more boiler accessories for the past 20 more years.  We can conclude that China's quality is accepted by most of the Asian market.  We can supply any boiler components to you at the very competitive price.  Please send us your specification and we will immediately send you our quotation.  For the meantime, we will not give minimum order condition.  It means we can serve you for any small quantity per order.

Among many offers from us, we believe this Heat Pipe may be the center of your interest in many countries.  We do not produce heat pipe for High-Tech use, like the cooling coil heat pipe inside computer unit.  We concentrate in the area of heat transfer for steam and hot water boiler, air-preheater and other industrial heat exchanger.  We can supply you material heat pipe only or assembled unit.  Please give us your requirement such as the condition of waste gas and the steam condition you require.

At last, we would like to offer boiler design engineering service for very special fuel wherein team of engineers must work to design boiler from the very start of Thermal Calculation.  For such project, our group may be helpful to you as we are access to many government institutions with huge number of professionals as well as laboratory with modern equipment for experimental task.