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In 1976, in response to the world-wide crisis which destabilized the economies of most asian countries, our company, Hamada Boiler, introduced, first in the Philippines and later to other asian countries, the now popular Hamada Multi-Fuel-fired Boiler. Over the years, our product has consistently asserted its competitiveness particularly in countries where the price of oil relative to indigenous waste materials available is expected to follow an upward trend.

The remarkable market response to our product evoked corresponsing adjustments in our plant's productive capacity. Inspired by our initial success in the asian market and aided by extensive research in the appropriate fields of boiler technology and combustion engineering, our company launched an aggressive manufacturing thrust and prduced wastes-fired boilers of various models, types and capacity to suit the peculiar need of a country with special emphasis on the availability of waste materials that could be used as substitute feul for oil. To make our product more competitive and in order to assure our customers of ready stocks at any given time for prompt delivery, we established distribution channels in various strategic points in Asia such as in Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Our Manufacturing Plant is a joint venture established in Shanghai, China, which will further boost our strength in the asian market.

HEAT PIPE TECHNOLOGY: Hamada Boiler Manufacturing Plant went into production of Heat Pipes to be used for high efficiency heat exchanger. By adopting heat pipes for waste heat recovery, we are able to produce Waste Heat Recovery Boiler for Diesel Generator at comparatively low cost. There are so many applications of heat pipes such as heat recovery from building air-conditioning unit, heat recovery from hot waste water of the textile printing/dyeing equipment. We can accept made-to-order design of various type of heat exchanger according to customer's requirements.

FLUIDIZED BED COAL FIRED BOILER:Another remarkable achievement made by Hamada Boiler is in the area of small and medium size of Fluidized Bed Combustion Boiler of 1 ton to 40 ton/H capacity. Fluidized Bed Boiler has been somewhat a monopoly of the huge boiler companies and most of them produce above 40 ton/h capacity for big projects. Hamada Fluidized Bed Boiler is for small and medium size where big giant boiler makers do not wish to accept orders. We have made many successful installations with various conditions of fuels such as corn cob from FURFURAL manufacturing plant, rice husk from huge rice mill, cocoshell from dessicated coconut food factory, coffee husk/shell from coffee maker etc.

NEW INTERNAL CHAIN GRATE COAL FIRED BOILER:To answer the demand of small package COAL fired boiler, Hamada Boiler made a revolution in the design of Fired Tube Boiler with full length Internal Chain Stoker. This boiler is very compact in size and can be installed inside the building where oil fired boiler was operating without looking for a huge area for new coal boiler. Flying ash from chain grate is comparatively low as compared to that of other systems. We believe this COALMAC@BOILER will surely find good market in any countries where coal is available.